Review: Nuts to You Organic sunflower seed butter

Review: Nuts to You Organic sunflower seed butter

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I’m pretty thrilled to see companies start to expand their nut-free options. Especially in a product area that was exclusively nut-filled. It wasn’t until WowButter that I realized something like a ‘peanut’ butter and jam sandwich could be attainable with a nut allergy.

And while I’ve been faithfully eating WowButter for years now, I’ve started to stray as new things pop up at my grocery store. This one, as the name clearly states, is a butter made out of sunflower seeds. I really enjoy that this product is not soy-based, so it’s accessible to even more people with food allergies.

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Should you buy this?


I think it’s delicious.

The thing I like the most is how pure the ingredient list is. Many imitation products use additives like sugar and oil to provide a similar experience to the original. With this product, I get the nutty, sunflower seed flavour, and nothing else.

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The texture is stick-to-your-teeth in the best way possible. For the most part, the butter is smooth, but there are little bits of seeds hanging around that provide a nice crunch when you’re not expecting it.

I’ve tried using this in place of nut butters in recipes and it’s worked pretty well so far. It goes particularly well in an egg-free fried rice recipe I’ve been working on, and has worked in a few different pancake recipes too.

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This biggest complaint I have is that I have a hard time finding the sunflower seed butter in stock at my local grocery stores. The actual nut butters are always available, but the seed butters either sell out very, very quickly or are not ordered as frequently. It’s a fairly typical problem to have with food allergy friendly products.

Do you have a go-to imitation nut butter I should try? I’d love to hear about it!

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