Guest Post: 3 Simple Ways to Make Time For Fitness

Guest Post: 3 Simple Ways to Make Time For Fitness

Hey everyone! My name is Ariana and I’m a personal trainer and blogger over at Evolution by Ariana. I’m super excited to have the opportunity to share some fitness tips here with you on You Can’t Eat That! One of my favourite things is showing people how living a healthy and active life can actually be quite simple.

Do you ever find yourself saying, “if I just had more time I’d be able to make it to the gym!”

Or how about, “I know getting in shape is important, but I can never find the time to workout!”

Whenever I ask people about their greatest barrier to reaching their health and fitness goals, their response is always the same:




There’s no doubt about it - we live in a busy world. Between work obligations, family obligations, social commitments, school assignments, and catching up on our favourite blogs or TV shows, it can seem like there’s not a whole lot of time left to workout and eat nutritious meals.

Which is why it's so important to make the time for your fitness goals on a regular basis. Sure, if we wait long enough there might come an afternoon where we feel we have nothing better to do than to hit the gym.

But those occasions are likely going to be few and far between. Unless you employ one (or all!) of these three simple tips!


  1. Break the recommended 30 minutes of daily physical activity into 10-minute increments.

Try splitting your 30 minute workout into 10 minutes of squats and push-ups while your morning coffee brews, a 10 minute walk at lunch, and 10 minutes running around with your dog or kids after dinner.


By doing so, you can look forward to benefits such as improved cardiovascular function, decreased risk of heart rate, and lower levels of stress.

Now it’s not likely you’ll get totally shredded or reach your weight loss goal by exercising in this way for the long-term, but it’s a great starting point to get you in the habit of taking time for yourself.


  1. Bring your workout gear when you head out in the morning.

I don’t know about you, but I know if I go home after a long day of work my chances of getting back up to go to the gym drop by about 75%.

If you have your workout clothes and shoes with you, you can head straight to the gym or your favourite running route straight from work or school.

Gym Bag

Be sure to bring all of the essentials so you have no reason to go home and get lured by the temptations of the couch. Hair ties, socks, a towel, and headphones are often-forgotten necessities.


  1. Pencil in your workouts like you would any other appointment.

You wouldn’t bail on a work meeting, would you? Or how about lunch with a friend? Give your workouts the same importance by scheduling them into your calendar. Account for transportation time and then plan all other obligations around that.

Workout Motivation

If something else comes up, don’t sweat it - reschedule your fitness hour in another open time slot in your week and stick to it!

Every now and then life happens and we have to miss our workouts because of some unavoidable circumstance. And that’s okay!

What matters is that we are consistently working at being consistent. In the grand scheme of things, missing one or two workouts a month is going to have little to no impact on the long-term success of your efforts.

Celebrate each time you complete a workout as a mini success, and continue to remind yourself of the awesome progress you’re making, not only physically, but also mentally, to stay motivated to continue to work towards your goals.


Do you have any tricks for fitting fitness into your day?


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