Review: Cassidy's Restaurant in Portland, Oregon

Review: Cassidy's Restaurant in Portland, Oregon


I have always had a special place in my heart for something with my name on it. I once made my entire family take a camping trip to a small town on Vancouver Island called Cassidy because I wanted to see what "my town" looked like. When I was researching places to eat in Portland before my weekend vacation, I saw some high ratings awarded to a restaurant called Cassidy's, and I was sold. DSC_0576

From the outside, it doesn't look like anything spectacular; it makes me think when the building went in this style was very popular in decor, but now it just looks a bit tired.



I was really surprised that about half of the menu was food allergy friendly; it was nice having options when deciding what I wanted to eat.


And, of course, the bread, it was a delicious local sourdough. It's vacation, eating the bread's okay right?


My boyfriend, Lewis, went with all the carbs and had mac 'n' cheese. He said it was really rich and cheesy, but also quite heavy. From the sounds of it I wouldn't write home about their version of the timeless classic.


I ordered the marinated flank steak with romaine, onions, tomatoes and topped with pumpkin seeds instead of their usual pine nut garnish. I'm not one to eat much red meat, so I figured it would be a good vacation treat to go for it. While I enjoyed the sauce that went with the dish, it was like a food allergy friendly caesar dressing, I wasn't a big fan of the dish as a whole. It seemed like something I could put together on a Tuesday night at home if I was inclined to break out the barbecue (and I live in Canada, so barbecuing is not so much a suggestion as a given).


We ate at about 6 o'clock on a Friday night, and we were the only ones in the restaurant section of the building, with only a handful of others in the bar section. I know that 6 p.m. can be early for dinner, but I thought there would be a liittttle more going on.

Overall, I'm happy I gave Cassidy's a try, but I wouldn't go back. From what I experienced in Portland, there are restaurants putting together much more flavourful and unique dishes than at this restaurant.

Cassidy's Restaurant and Bar is located at 1331 SW Washington Street, Portland Oregon.

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