Review: Smorgasburg - A Brooklyn Flea Food Market

Review: Smorgasburg - A Brooklyn Flea Food Market


While I was in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, I had the opportunity to go to Smorgasburg, which is basically the foodie version of paradise. A large concrete lot hosts about four rows, back-to-back, of white tent upon white tent of food vendors. The types of cuisine offered was as diverse as the people attending the market, and the view alone was worth the trip out. IMG_0950

My friend, Laura, and I went with Laura's cousin, who lives in Williamsburg and has been to the market quite frequently, and had some great recommendations on where to eat. Since it was a pretty warm day for April, we tried the Kelvin Natural Slush Co. slushies.


For $5, I tried the citrus slush, which was a tart lemonade flavour, with a sweet, raspberry flavour shot. It felt like the first hot day of summer when everyone rushes to 7-11 in their flip-flops and shorts to get a slurpee and a refreshing sugar rush.


I was so pleasantly surprised by the number of vegan vendors at the market, since I was concerned about what I would be able to eat; a great majority of food at events like this has to be prepared ahead of time. Judging by the lines at many of the tents, there were some favourites of the group; fried chicken seemed to be particularly popular.


I ended up choosing the Chickpea & Olive phatty beet slider with eggplant bacon and vegan ranch dressing. The woman taking my order was so incredibly lovely about making sure my food was kept away from the nut products they use and went through the list of ingredients with me.


All the toppings and flavours looked so delicious, I was upset I wouldn't be able to eat more while I was there. I also paid an extra dollar for avocado, bringing my total for the burger to $9.



At first, I was confused as to why I was given a fork to eat a burger, but after the first oozy, gooey bite, the fork became my lifeline to keeping my dress clean. Though the texture of beets makes them difficult to hold together in burger form, their sweetness, mixed with the smokey, charred eggplant "bacon" and the creamy avocado was something I would have never put together, but was so happy to experience. The audible crack of the thin, toasted bun provided the perfect vessel for the messiness of every other aspect of the burger.

I felt like I really fit in, eating an extremely messy meal on the ground, while looking out at the skyline of Brooklyn, and looking at everyone else on the ground also eating messy food and also scoping out everyone else. If nothing else, food markets provide copious amounts of people watching.



Laura and her cousin split a Mexican sandwich from Cemita's. I wasn't there when they ordered so I'm not sure of what this sandwich is made up of, but I was told the chicken was delicious and observed a very messy, elbows out, type of eating experience.


Here is my main reason for attending Smorgasburg in the first place: the prospect of eating my second ever doughnut. It has been a real quest of mine to eat as many doughnuts as I can, because, well they are delicious, and having an egg allergy denies me this delicious treat all the aggravating time. But, my saviour, has come in the form of vegan baking, and ever since I first had a vegan doughnut on vacation in San Francisco (from Pepples Donuts) I've been slightly obsessed with eating a lot more of them. Dun-Well Doughnuts features completely vegan products and have over 200 doughnut flavours.


Though two of the flavours they had on site had nuts on them, I still had a few flavours to choose from, and went with Lemon Blueberry and Cinnamon Sugar. The last time I ate a doughnut was four years ago, so hey, I bought two. Treat yo self.


The Lemon Blueberry reminded me of a lemony coffee cake, complete with a crackly, sweet, blueberry glaze. The dough was quite dense, yet light and crumbly, with the thick glaze breaking off in flakes and sticking to the sides of my face; I expect I looked a lot like a toddler eating their first ice cream cone.

The Cinnamon Sugar was what Laura equated to the taste of mini doughnuts that are served at fairs and carnivals, exceptionally sweet and sticky, with the cake-like dough acting as a more neutral base for all that sugar.

I highly recommend checking out Smorgasburg if you live in New York, or are ever visiting the area when they are open. It's a food experience like I've never seen anywhere else.

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