What I Ate Today - Canadian Thanksgiving

What I Ate Today - Canadian Thanksgiving


Of all the holidays out there, I like Thanksgiving and Christmas the best. Both are characterized by eating lots of delicious food and spending time with family, my favourites. I hope that all my fellow Canadians out there had a wonderful holiday weekend spent with loved ones. The weather in my area was also fantasticly crisp and sunny, the perfect fall days. This Thanksgiving, as always, I attempted to eat a bit lighter all day so I could go to town with delicious food this evening. Breakfast:


I made a smoothie fully loaded with fruits today. Kiwi, apple, raspberries and blueberries, with yogurt, WOW BUTTER, sunflower seeds and a little honey. I really enjoy how filling smoothies with lots of protein can be.



Continuing with my light meal theme, I took a salad with broccoli, carrots, red peppers, tomato and chicken to work today, with olive oil and balsamic vinegar as a dressing. I don't find just eat veggies particularly filling, so I always try to add meat to a salad if I am eating it as a meal.




My family had a bit of a non-traditional Thanksgiving this year, with organic chicken as the star of the meal. But there was still the standard stuffing, potatoes, carrots, brussel sprouts, with the addition of organic kale. There's nothing quite like the look of a Thanksgiving dinner, is there?



Today is the day I had my first pumpkin pie. This is where everyone looks shocked and concerned for my mental safety and asks me why I've never had such a wonderfully delicious dessert. Pumpkin pie filling requires a number of eggs to hold it together, which is why it's difficult to make allergy-free. My mom  found a pumpkin pie recipe without egg that ended up looking like pie (a cause for celebration in itself) and HOLY COW it was amazing. It still is amazing. The one thing I enjoy about food allergies is how much more I appreciate something as simple as pumpkin pie; it's like a little reward at the end of a whole lot of careful and routine eating, when something new and exciting is found I'm truly grateful for it.

And after dinner, to let all of that food settle, my mom, sister and I took a little walk to a nearby duck pond and enjoyed the fall scenery.



What do you like the most about Thanksgiving? Do you prefer the traditional meal or do you like to change it up from year to year?

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